Broad-Leaved Thyme

Broad-Leaved Thyme – Thymus pulegioides

Relieves and relaxes spasms, and has an antibacterial effect. We use it with other blends for cough relief. The oil is often used in cosmetic products; it relieves sore nerves, sciatica, rheumatism, and headache pains. Due to its bitter and pleasant aromatic flavors, it is often used as a spice. Thyme helps with the intestines and stomach as it prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. The scent calms and invigorates the autonomic nervous system; it is used in herbal pads, as a psychotherapeutic agent in children and adults. It is used in baths for washing and for compresses; it is especially recommended for diseases of incapacitated persons and children because it is mild. Aboveground plant parts are harvested at the time of flowering; they are slightly bitter and of aromatic scents. Different species are found on the sunny grassy slopes, among rocks, and on the forest slopes.

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