European mistletoe

European mistletoe – Viscum album

It is used mostly for the treatment of heart problems, arteriosclerosis, senile heart disease, menopausal disorders, ringing in the ears, mainly for the regulation of blood flow. European mistletoe enhances the activity of the glands in the digestive system, eliminates constipation and bloating, intensifies the previously poor work of the pancreas, and regulates excessive secretion of the thyroid gland and insufficient bile activity. The European mistletoe tea is recommended for irregular menstrual periods, and for bleeding of all types. The tea is drunk for gout and urinary retention, and for rheumatism. It helps with asthma, epilepsy, cramps, and has an effect on the nervous system. Warm baths are useful for open wounds on the lower legs, for frostbite, and varicose veins. Mistletoe does not grow from the ground but on both coniferous and deciduous trees as a parasite, so it is very interesting as a plant. Mistletoe that grows on the deciduous trees is more therapeutic, especially the oak one.

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