Horse mint

Horse mint – Mentha longifolia

Horse mint has an anesthetic effect, and a cooling one when chewed. Tea is used to strengthen nerves and for its calming effect. We also use it as an antiseptic for colds, and it is useful for people who spend longer periods of time sitting. A mixture of tea and apple cider vinegar is used for toothaches, tongue injuries, gingivitis, and for rinsing. It relieves pain, enhances the work of the pancreas and liver. Horse mint invigorates, hence it is useful for convalescents, especially for the recovery after severe illness. The oil is useful for headaches, migraines, seasickness, and dizziness. Consuming tea excessively is not good because it can have a bad effect on the heart. It is grown in the gardens and grows in more humid places freely. The leaves are collected before the very flowering, but not in bad weather because they soon darken and lose almost all of their healing properties.

Horse mint products