Yarrow – Achillea millefolium

Yarrow blooms from June to October, and is harvested in June, when in full growth; flowers and stems are used. Tea made from fresh leaves and flowers soothes nervousness, stomach cramps; strengthens the stomach; soothes the gallbladder and spleen, and cures malaria as well. It is also used against insomnia, general weakness, and after severe illness. It cleanses the skin of pimples, scabs and ulcers. The juice of fresh leaves and flowers cleanses the blood, strengthens the digestive system, especially in angina pectoris, during prolonged coughing. Compresses are applied to sores and ulcers. A blend of yarrow and other herbs is drunk against bronchial asthma, also in the case of kidney stones. A stew and an excellent soup are prepared from young and soft leaves. It has a wide range of effects in all areas, including also constipation and gallstones. Yarrow grows on sunny slopes and the edges of arable fields and pastures, and has a pleasant smell.